Advance warning of down time.

Well, we said at least a month off and it's now been decided that we'll close on the 23rd of July (yes, that's next week) to find the body reset button. I think I might know where it is and it's well worth the climb to find it on the way down again.

With the impending break and the current lack of available stocks of parts, please don't be too surprised if that means some bikes can't be taken in, between now and our break. We're not being difficult, just realistic. No point me saying I'll fix your bike if I know the parts can't be supplied.

Thanks again to you all for your business over these past few, very busy months, bigger thanks for the positivity and understanding of the situation and biggest thanks of all for getting out there, riding your bikes and making the world a better place.

If we don't see you over the next few days, we'll see you in September. Family time is coming with a sprinkling of superb trails thrown into the mix and the occasional beer in a hammock for medicinal purposes.