Repair and service price list

We're proud of our reputation for our spanner work and we take pride in doing it right.

This list covers the most popular jobs but is by no means all we do.

Check over your bike and quote - Free.
Puncture repair - £13, including inner tube.
Wheel replacement - £10.
Brake set up - £12 + parts.
Gear set up - £12 + parts.
Bearing replacement - £12 + parts.
Wheel truing - from £12 + parts.
Cable replacement - £15 including cable.
Tubeless tyres - £12 per tyre, including sealant.
Brake bleeding - £18 per brake, £30 per pair.
Build new, boxed bike - £35.

Free Christmas bottle for the cyclist in your life?

Free Christmas bottle for the cyclist in your life?

In the run up to Christmas every year, we get lots of relatives of bike riders calling in to buy presents for their significant cyclists. We can make a few suggestions, show a few shiny widgets and offer advice but often, Auntie Jean or Nanny Elsie doesn't know what you've got or what you need.

Fear not, instead of them presenting you with another puncture repair kit and some brake pads that won't fit your bike, ask them for a voucher instead. We'll even pop it in a free water bottle so that there's something for them to wrap up in reindeer paper for you to open on Christmas Day.

As August draws to a close...

Many people get cross. No, not all hot under the collar that another summer is soon to be over, but getting all cyclo cross.

Want to improve your bike handling over the damp months, keep your summer fitness through chillier times or just experience off road grins and muddy shins from behind a set of drop handlebars, make this autumn the one where you get addicted to CX.

Try it, love it, live it and wonder how you ever lived without it. A cyclo cross bike is quite possibly the greatest N+1 there is, a real all rounder in many forms or an out and out thoroughbred in others.

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