Repair and service price list

We're proud of our reputation for our spanner work and we take pride in doing it right.

This list covers the most popular jobs but is by no means all we do.

Check over your bike and quote - Free.
Puncture repair - £13, including inner tube.
Wheel replacement - £10.
Brake set up - £12 + parts.
Gear set up - £12 + parts.
Bearing replacement - £12 + parts.
Wheel truing - from £12 + parts.
Cable replacement - £15 including cable.
Tubeless tyres - £12 per tyre, including sealant.
Brake bleeding - £18 per brake, £30 per pair.
Build new, boxed bike - £35.

Late start Thursday

This Thursday, the 7th ofJune, we'll only be open in the afternoon, probably from around 1pm ish.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

What are the most expensive, cheapest tyres you can buy?

That's the slightly contradictory label often applied to Schwalbe's Marathon Plus range because they don't come cheap but they last ages and don't puncture easily.

To tempt you to treat your bike to some of these treads, we have THREE offers for you to choose from:

1) Buy a pair at RRP of £41.50 each and get 2 free tubes.

2) Buy a pair at RRP of £41.50 each and get free fitting.

3) Buy a pair for £70.

The choice is yours.

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