Interval time.

Another indifferent bank holiday is looming large on the horizon and in normal circumstances we'd be advising that you get your bike to us now in order to ensure that it's in tip top condition for your weekend of high speed, high altitude, high jinx.
Current circumstances are really quite a long way from normal so the situation is this: The shop is already so full of servicing jobs that we have to climb over about a dozen bikes to get to a mini pump every time anyone asks for one and we physically can't fit any more in the shop until some get collected. Having been so gratefully busy during this period of very strange lockdown and everyone but us enjoying riding their bikes, we're now in a hitherto unheard of position. I need a week off to reaquaint myself with my family, remind myself how to pedal my bicycle and recharge my batteries.
We'll still accept your bike to do our spannering thing to, but it's likely that your place in the queue will take you to some time in the week commencing Monday the 1st of June. Sadly, no amount of "but I promised the kids it would be fixed"'s or "but I just bought it, built it myself and it doesn't work"'s or "but I've been doing loads of riding and don't want to stop"'s or "what do you mean, you can't do it right now"'s will change the concrete fact that there are only 24 hours in a day and a few must be spent asleep. At 4pm on Saturday, I'm oudahere.
Thanks so much for all your recent custom, larger thanks to our very regular faces who've been so understanding of the current delays in normal service and the difficulties/delays in getting parts, largest thanks of all to all to our fantastically wonderful NHS staff for going well above their usual levels of awesome. Lastly, we hope you all stay safe, stay happy and stay healthy.
Actually, lastlier than lastly... Obviously, I won't really be very far away during my week off so if your need of bicycle repair is real, to allow you to go on working at your key worker thing, message me and I'll endeavor to help where I can. This help may have to be offered outside of normal hours and when family members are safely tucked up in their beds.
Thanks folks.