Repair and service price list

We're proud of our reputation for our spanner work and we take pride in doing it right.

This list covers the most popular jobs but is by no means all we do.

Check over your bike and quote - Free.
Puncture repair - £13, including inner tube.
Wheel replacement - £10.
Brake set up - £12 + parts.
Gear set up - £12 + parts.
Bearing replacement - £12 + parts.
Wheel truing - from £12 + parts.
Cable replacement - £15 including cable.
Tubeless tyres - £12 per tyre, including sealant.
Brake bleeding - £18 per brake, £30 per pair.
Build new, boxed bike - £35.
Suspension fork service - £65 including seals and fluids.
Shock service - £55 including seals and fluids.
Frame swap - £70.
Fork swap - £18.
Tyre fitting - £6 each.
General service - £45. This includes; inspecting the bike, checking and adjusting all bearings, truing the wheels, checking and inflating the tyres, setting up the brakes, setting up the gears, lubing cables and chain, checking and tightening all bolts and fastenings.
Full strip and rebuild - £99. Your bike will be stripped to the bare frame, all components stripped, cleaned, greased where appropriate, reassembled and put back together to work like it should.

These prices are fair and fairly rigid, although we reserve the right to alter any and all of them for jobs where everything is rusted up or seized.

We like working on clean bikes but obviously, we're not scared of a bit o' muck so don't worry if your bike isn't spotless. If your bike is filthy to the point it can't be worked on, we'll clean it before we start the job and you'll be charged £15 extra.