Lighting up time

As you'll no doubt have noticed, the nights are drawing in so we've got lights on special offer.

Buy any front and rear set and we'll give you a huge 20% discount. This offer runs until the end of British Summer Time (that's Saturday 27th of October) so get pedalling down here before the light runs out.

Mirraco BMX now in stock

For all the crazy BMX kids out there, we've got some really special bikes in from MirraCo. Much nicer than your average BMX and just begging for the new park soon to be installed in Torkington park.

When your folks ask what you'd like for Christmas, just say a new MirraCo please. We're not helping you with the extra washing up though.

In case you've missed us...

In case you've missed us...

...and if I've got computer skills, this is what the shop looks like. If there ain't a picture here, sorry.

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