New opening hours.

Yes yes yes, we know we've been talking about it for ages, but we've finally decided to do it. Our new opening hours will be...

Under Where, when and who, up above.

Hopefully this fits round your working hours a bit better than 9 - 5.30 did so you can drop in on your way home then ride in the evening. You'll note we're still not opening Sundays because we just want to ride. We hope you understand.

And there was light!

And there was light!

What a difference the change in the clocks has made. Hopefully you've all been out pedalling to make the most of the lighter nights this week. Drop in and check out the new range of Sigma cycle computers and heart rate monitors to see how the extra mileage is helping you out.

Mud surfing on Monday?

After todays downpour, the trails are starting to look more like rivers in most places. Anyone in need of a reminder why mountain bikes are such fun should join us at the shop at 7pm Monday for some childish giggling in the woods. Mudguards might be prudent, whopping great spotlights a must.

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