Lights, camera, action.

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer so get yourself seen with a decent set of lights. If you'd like to explore the proper darkness beyond the streetlights, you'll be wanting something a little brighter and we can help you with some special offers there. Yes, there are bargain to be had.

While you're out and about, why not record what you're up to on one of new helmet cameras. If you get anything worth seeing, share it with us please.

Now switch the confuser off and pedal.

Rain at lower levels, sleet and snow on high.

The pedalling tonight may have been a touch on the damp side and rather chillier up high, but hey, It's the time of year to drag out the thermals from their hiding place on top of the wardrobe and own the trails.

29 rather muddy miles tonight without seeing another bike light suggests that the majority are missing out.

Be in with the (possibly quite smug) minority who understand that tracks, trails and quiet lanes know no weather too foul and come out to play on a Tuesday night.

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