You already know this, you just don't want to admit it...

It's only 6 weeks until Christmas.

Yes, that's right, just 6 short weeks to buy ALL your loved ones a new bike, new helmet, new shiny widgets and some new riding gear. Fear not, we can help you out with all of those, along with vouchers for the cyclist with everything.

Call in soon, those six weeks will be gone in minutes*

*This may not be absolutely accurate.

Crazy clothing clearance sale

Crazy clothing clearance sale

We may not win any prizes for photography, but you get the gist of what we're saying.

Lots of clothing at half price of less, come down and grab a bargain jacket, jersey, base layer or...

For one week only...

For one week only...

We have a super special offer for this week only. Buy any lights before close of play and the clocks changing on Saturday 25th of October and get our early bird 20% discount! Yes, 20%, that's a good saving in anyone's book.

Don't get caught out in the dark next Monday when you leave work in the murkiness.

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