If you go out on your bike on Friday morning...

If you go out on your bike on Friday morning...

Don't forget your lights!

Friday the 20th of March will see many of us back under dark skies at around 9.30/10am as the solar eclipse happens and passes a dark shadow of our region.

No need to hide under the duvet though, embrace a little daytime night riding and grab your lights, head out and enjoy some mid morning dusk trails.

If you are going to be out and about, don't just gawp at the sun and burn your retinas out. You'd really miss being able to see where you ride.

Rider Of The Week.

Rider Of The Week.

Having not presented our Rider Of The Week trophy for some time, we have a very deserving winner to re-start the presentations.

Step forward Dan Phillipstone. Dan has just returned from a very cold and snowy Lapland where he completed the Rovaniemi 150 race in fine style, finishing in a very respectable 18th place sneaking over the finish line in under 20 hours, less than half the maximum 42 hour cut off. Dan, we salute you and present this trophy, with grubby hands of course. Respect where it's due folks.

The January points competition

As we're now midway through January, does anyone want to share how they're doing with the Facebook page points competition?

Anyone into four figures yet?

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