Need a wider range 1x10 set up?

Need a wider range 1x10 set up?

Barnoldswick purveyors of all things shiny and new, Hope, have released their new REx sprocket and narrow wide chainring. The 32 tooth ring and 40 tooth cassette expander increase the available gear range on a standard 1x10 set up by switching out the 17 tooth to give you a whopping 11-40 cassette.

Need to climb a wall? Call in soon to get your gearing sorted.

We're going to be closed for a few days.

Over the next couple of weeks we're not going to be open mid week, hours will be as follows:

Monday 24th Feb - 8 til 5.30
Tuesday 25th Feb - 9 til 7
Wednesday 26th Feb - 9.30 til 1
Thursday 27th Feb - 9 til 5.30
Friday 28th Feb - 9 til 5.30
Saturday 1st Mar - 9 til 4
Sunday 2nd Mar - Closed
Monday 3rd Mar - 9 til 5.30
Tuesday 4th Mar - CLOSED
Wednesday 5th Mar - CLOSED
Thursday 6th Mar - CLOSED
Friday 7th Mar - 9 til 5.30
Saturday 8th Mar - 9 til 4
Sunday 9th Mar - Closed
Monday 10th Mar - 9 til 5.30
Tuesday 11th Mar - CLOSED
Wedneasday 12th Mar - CLOSED

Make pedalling easier for the small people in your life.

As we all know, riding a bike is and should be, a fun thing to do but sometimes when you've got little legs and a heavy bike, it's just a bit too hard.

That's why, as of sometime around mid March, we'll be stocking the new Dawes Academy Range of lighter childrens bikes. Less weight in the bike makes life so much easier and kids will enjoy their riding more. Happy kids will keep pedalling far longer and you can enjoy more time out together so everyone's a winner.

Sneak peeks available in store now.

Like it says in the brochure; Top Class.

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