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Keep up to date with what's afoot in Bicycle Smithy Land
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Club and team sponsor [3735 clicks]
We are Blueleaf Creative. Combining creativity with business acumen, we produce advertising, branding, design and digital solutions that achieve increased sales and awareness for our clients. With British Cycling amongst their clients, we think we're in good hands. Look out Wiggo.
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Clubs [4189 clicks]
Local cycle campaign group with loads of really useful info and helpful links.
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A great way of saving money on a new bike. All the details are on the website for employers and employees alike so your company can get registered and get saving.
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Started in Nottingham but spreading fast. A club for all riders and ages but with an emphasis on fun.
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The UK section of the International Mountain Biking Association does so much for for the sport in this country. Find out what, and if you can help here.
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Watch the worlds best in action at the velodrome. The revolutions series is a fast paced fun night out. Check the site for next dates and get yourself there.
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Friendly local cycling club for everyone new to or coming back to cycling.
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There's a clue in the address as to what this site is all about. Want to do some cross country racing? If so, click the link and see what's on where. Now go and get some miles in.
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Cycle Insurance [2626 clicks]
Bike insurance from people who know about bikes and understand that your pride and joy could be expensive to replace. Hopefully you'll get insured and never need it but you never know. Thankfully, most people are decent human beings but unfortunately some scumbags think it's OK to steal bikes and we agree with Boris Johnson - bike thieves should be handed over to the Navy to be "dealt with".
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Events [2666 clicks]
This has got to be one of the best, if not the best marathon/enduro MTB events on the calender. Lots of swoopy trails you'd otherwise not get to ride as it passes over lots of private land. Views to keep you smiling as you toil up the many hills. A great day out on the bike. Get your entry in now before it's too late, get some training done and we'll see you there.
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Manufacturers [2763 clicks]
Dawes make everything from quality bikes for children to world class touring bikes for you to discover new lands. Click here for more information.
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Parts and equipment supplier of all things Sram and much much more. We stock a wide range of products from these guys.
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A new brand for the nutter in you. Flow make some of the sweetest riding hard riders bikes there are. Dirt, street, 4X, Park, pretty much anything you want really. If you keep bending bike frames when you bin another landing off the sketchy doubles in the woods, look no further - you've just found your next bike.
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Superb value road, cross and mountain bike frames as riden to so many race wins.
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UK designed cross country frames that just ooze quality, choose your frame (the Reynolds 853 is awesome), build it up with nice new bits and head for the hills. These bikes just make you want to carry on riding when everyone else has gone home.
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Fairly traded goods from around the world. Have a read and then nect time you drop in you could buy a few products and bank some good karma.
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Nonsensical mind ramblings [1463 clicks]
Take a look at some of the behind the scenes nonsense in a world of bicycles and other gubbins.
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