They breed 'em tough round 'ere.

We had our youngest Monday nighter so far out this week. Step up Callum to receive the applause and well done for showing Dad Julian a clean pair of wheels on the technical bits. Now if you'd just put that saddle up a bit, you'd fly uphill too.

We're now Kona stockists!

We're now Kona stockists!

Whether you're into lycra skin suits, baggy shorts or body armour, there's a Kona bike for you.

Kona bikes have always had a great reputation amongst all kinds of riders from roadies and cyclo crossers through cross country and enduro riders to dirt jumping, free riding downhill types. Call in soon for a look see.

New opening hours.

Yes yes yes, we know we've been talking about it for ages, but we've finally decided to do it. Our new opening hours will be...

Under Where, when and who, up above.

Hopefully this fits round your working hours a bit better than 9 - 5.30 did so you can drop in on your way home then ride in the evening. You'll note we're still not opening Sundays because we just want to ride. We hope you understand.

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